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FG Xpress Business Opportunity

For the latest information on FG Xpress Power Strip Reviews read our in depth overlook at the products and the business opportunity.


FG Xpress Opportunity

People all over the internet are talking about a genuine, truly global marketing system that actually works and it’s also 100% FREE. However, before addressing the business opportunity, let’s have a look over the product and see what all is about.

A few words about FG Xpress PowerStrips…

The product this amazing business opportunity trades is PowerStrips. This rarely technological health product uses a patented Far Infrared technology that transforms your own body’s energy waves and heat into relieving therapy. Listed by FDA as a Class 1 Medical device temporary pain management, PowerStrips can be mounted on every body part.

They will function just like the powerful herbs Amerindians used, or like the pain relieving therapies Asians apply for their patients to get better. The science behind these patches goes beyond pain relieving. They bring many other health benefits into discussion.

Why Join FGXpress?

The Business Opportunity of a Lifetime

The official website presents 5 of the most important reasons why this opportunity is special:

    1. They’re Available Worldwide
    2. PowerStrips are light so the shipping will only cost you $4.95, wherever you might want to send them
    3. Affordable Entry – you can join for only $69
    4. Lucrative Commissions – Pays Infinite on Worldwide Volume
    5. It is not a Start up business since they are owned by a 10 year old public company (FVGR)

The XPowerTeam System…

The business opportunity this product offers is called the XPowerTeam System. If you enroll in this program, you gain many advantages. Such a powerful and interesting system needed a powerful marketing strategy to function properly. The people behind it put together a step-by-step system that allows you to plug-in with all of the tools and resources we are using ourselves to make this work.

The XPower Team System is 100% free. It offers unlimited Free Samples of PowerStrips through free giveaways. You will receive your own landing page that is connected to the main one. This system is available only to those XPower Team members within FG Xpress.

FG Xpress System

It is more than obvious a high quality product can generate lots of money to those who are selling it. The strategy is simple:

Let’s start with XTribe, which gives you the XBonus: your goal is to invite at least 4 people in your first month of business and form your XTribe. An XTribe is formed with the people you invite and the people they invite. When your XTribe has a sum total of 1,000 points within 4 weeks, you will receive an XBonus of $200 US Dollars. When XTribes are duplicated in your down line you’ll receive an additional 12% Team Bonus, every week.

Your Tribe gets formed with the people you invite and the people they invite. When your tribe has a total sum of 1,000 points in sales, in 4 weeks, you will receive a Tribe Bonus of $100/$200 US Dollars. If you purchase 1 Pack (50 points) you’ll receive $100, if you purchase 2 Packs (100 points) you will receive $200.

If you are ready for the opportunity of a lifetime, then click the link below and you will receive some insider information on this opportunity to get you setup and running quickly!

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FGXpress Power Strips

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